Inn Dorm Student Dorm

Inn Dorm Student Residence provides family-friendly service from the comfort of the hotel.

Our Mission

To offer a fully formed professional service with the best accommodationto our valued students ,through our experienced staff and to make sure that the relationship developes everyday.

Our understanding of students from abroad sets us apart because we choose to accommodate and understand the highest etiquette of where they come from. Conservation of living ideals and not stay alone in the light of the educational advancement is what we aim for, but also our most important pride is our ability to contribute in their education itself.

Sports activities, comfortable working environment, in the Eastern Mediterranean University is a lot to add to living standards and is done for the individuals development.

Our Vision

Our goal is be the most preferred student dormitory and never to compromise our corporate values. The joy of giving an individual a home-like environment for your child is an indispensable source of pleasure for us away from home.

Our modern management approach is to never achieve integration while compromising our students. In the end we aim to provide our valued guests a good environment that is comfortable, peaceful and safe.